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Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Bursa Mr. Sehsuvar: A New Period Between Ukraine and Turkey

09 September 2019, 14:43

Ahmet Oezay

In these years there have been many developments between Ukraine and Turkey. Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Bursa Mr. Sehsuvar made an analysis about the Ukrainian elections, Zelenskiy’s visit to Turkey and today’s relations between Ukraine and Turkey.

Last August was very important in terms of political and national events in both Ukraine and Turkey. The new parliament of Ukraine started its first period. Turkish Victory Day and Ukrainian Independence Day were celebrated at the same time. Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Bursa Mr. Sehsuvar answered the questions by Crimean News Agency QHA media about the Ukrainian elections and the future of Turkey-Ukraine relations.

What do you think about the new period of Ukraine?

I have just visited the capital city Kyiv thanks to the Crimean Tatar members of the Ukrainian new parliament. I watched the ceremony with the participation of the national leader Mustafa Kirimoglu, Vice Chair of Mejlis Akhtem Chiygoz and MP from Golos Party Rustem Umerov in the Ukrainian Parliament. It is the first time in the history of Ukraine that a party has parliamentary majority. Also Crimean Tatars joined the new parliament from different parties as first time. It is quite promising for Ukrainian democracy and the future of Crimea.

You were one of the people who were present during Mr. President Zelenskiy’s visit to Turkey.

I think it was a great political meeting for both countries. Both leaders had a chance to get to know each other and address some uncompleted issues from the past. Both states agreed to develope the trade volume. Mr. President Zelenskiy is not distant from Turkey and Turkey is not distant from Mr. President Zelenskiy. There are even a lot of people in Turkey who were watching Mr. President Zelenskiy’s TV shows. After he was elected as President, he visited Turkey for holiday. He cares about the relations between Ukraine and Turkey. Then, he made a formal visit to Turkey. During his visit to Ankara, he gave an important message to all investors. He invited them to Ukraine. He personally suggested south part of Ukraine to Turkish investors and said.

What do you think about Ukraine’s future in political perspective?

Result of the latest election surprised everyone. The people of Ukraine want a change and it will probably have a good impact on Ukraine. Ukrainians have a big expectation about economy and today Ukraine has made progress in improving it. The state had a raise in all salaries by 20%. Ukraine started bringing inflatilon under control. Those are excellent improvements. In next five years, some infrastructural investments in the amount of twenty-billion dollars are expected in Ukraine. Also, some important investments will be made in highways. Ukraine is an important neighbour to Turkey.

So, what do you recommend to Turkish investors?

Mr. President Zelenskiy made special speech to all Turkish investors and invited them to Ukraine. These investments will take place in every sector. Many Turkish companies have investments in Ukraine. Ukraine is a Turkey’s neighbour which all Turkish people can visit with an ID card. Ukraine is also a real European state. It is a state within the investors’ reach from Istanbul to Van or Diyarbakir. Ukraine specially invites the builders in Turkey. Furthermore, there are some significant opportunities at farming.

Let’s forget about the past, let’s join the new President’s enthusiasm. Husbandry, stockfarming and industry are important. Ukraine is determined to open factories and grant terrains. It is time to make our free trade agreement real between the two countries.

You are an Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Bursa. A town twinning agreement exists between Bursa the Ukrainian city of Vinnitza. The town is also a home for representatives of the Crimean Tatar people. Around 160 children, have a problem with education and their native language. What should we do to help them?

Firstly, we have to take a step to increase this sisterhood by improving educational and cultural activities. I personally read your article about the Crimean Tatars in that city and their current situation. Honestly, I was impressed. First of all, our cognates’ native language and education problem is one of our major responsibilities. I think that the education they get in Turkey, will be very good. I will visit the Mayor of Bursa and the governor of Bursa as Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Bursa to make a stride in our cognates’ problems. We will be so proud to support our children in a city where the Ottoman Empire rose.

Reference: Gorkem Sahsuvar graduated from Ankara University / International Relations in 1996, MA in both European Union Law and History of Ottoman Diplomacy. He has been an Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Bursa since 2015. Sahsuvar is a founder of a company providing consulting services to international companies.