Fall in Alupka: Empty streets and promenade. Crimean photo story | QHA media

Fall in Alupka: Empty streets and promenade. Crimean photo story

30 November 2019, 13:32

Vasily Karadagov
for QHA media

Alupka, like any coastal city, becomes empty in the fall. One will not find crowds of tourists here, and most of the places are closed. Few vacationers who managed to catch warm days, can be spotted by the sea, as well as fishermen, for whom fishing is now in full swing. Views of southern coast town looks in autumn in our photo report.

Alupka is located on the southern slope of the Crimean mountains, near the foot of Ai-Petri Mountain.

Old stone houses are one of the features of the city.

Figs grow here even in late autumn. The average annual temperature in Alupka is +13.6 ° C.

The guide’s excursion stall is closed at this time of the year.

Downtown: A square and a monument to Lenin. It is not crowded in the daytime.

In one of the parks of Alupka.

Perhaps, there used to be a water spring in this place.

The embankment is deserted. The population in the city is about 8 thousand people.

An artist on the beach.

One can sunbathe on the beach in mid-November at will.

In the distance fishermen can be seen in a boat.

  And these fishermen preferred the option of fishing on the shore.

Caution! “The berth is in damaged condition, the passage is prohibited”

Closed until the next tourist season.

One of the unfinished constructions by the sea.