18 May 2019, 17:03

We share pain of Crimean Tatars - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey


Turkey honors the memory of Crimean Tatars who became victims of the 1944 deportation and shares the pain of kinsmen.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Hami Aksoy, made a corresponding statement speaking about the Anniversary of the Crimean Tatar and Circassian Exiles.

The statement notes that in 1944 about 250 thousand Crimean Tatars were taken from their homeland.

Tens of thousands of Crimean Tatars perished under the inhumane circumstances of this exile, carried out 75 years ago. Many of them passed away in exile under harsh conditions, yearning for their homeland.

Earlier, the Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine, Yağmur Ahmet Güldere, told QHA media that Turkey has not recognized and will not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea. According to him, this is a clear and consistent position of Ankara.