12 July 2019, 18:50

"We need a serious mechanism to punish Russia" - the US congressmen approved an amendment on sanctions against the Russian sovereign debt


On July 11, the House of Representatives of the US Congress passed an amendment to the country’s defense budget for the following year, which prohibits any transactions with the Russian sovereign debt.

The authors of the initiative were representatives of the Democratic Party of California Maxine Waters and Bradley Sherman.

Being foreseen and the mechanism for lifting these sanctions if the US administration will come to the conclusion that Russia did not interfere in the American election at least one election cycle, and if Congress agrees with this conclusion, – Sherman said.

He further noted that the United States must develop a mechanism that would allow “to punish Russia for what it did with our previous elections and to keep it from interfering with future elections.”

The draft budget still has to be signed by US President Donald Trump.

QHA media reported that Trump extended for a year the effect of anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the Kremlin’s aggression on the territory of Ukraine.