Victim blaming Belarusian style: Lukashenko said Ukraine allegedly gave rise to conflict with Russia itself | QHA media

Victim blaming Belarusian style: Lukashenko said Ukraine allegedly gave rise to conflict with Russia itself

26 December 2019, 13:16
epa07230490 Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko speaks during a meeting with the media in Minsk, Belarus, 14 December 2018. EPA-EFE/VASILY FEDOSENKO / POOL

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Ukraine itself allegedly gave rise to military aggression from the Russian Federation.

He made a corresponding statement on the air of Ekho Moskvy radio.

“Ukraine to some extent exposed itself. Suppression of Russians began, the language thing and so on – well, issues that should not arise in Ukraine! Anyway, I’m not justifying Russia now, no. I do not blame Ukraine. But be that as it may, Ukraine gave, although small, but rise to this clash,” Lukashenko said.

He stated that Crimea is “de facto Russian”, although “it is not legally formalized”. Lukashenko also said that the Ukrainian side did not give him an answer on how the Crimea was defended against Russian military aggression and occupation.

“How many Ukrainians died there for this holy Ukrainian, as they say, land? Silence. Here is the answer to the question. I proceed from the real situation, and give assessments – whose Crimea is, that’s for you to deal there. I look at these issues a little more seriously, I do not politicize and do not engage in agitation,” he concluded.

During the interview Lukashenko said that “Russia fears and does not want to lose Belarus.”

“Russia will never fight with Belarus, as some people think. Especially in the West they frighten me: after Ukraine, you’re next. Never!” Lukashenko expressed confidence.

Victim blaming occurs when victims of any kind of violence are attributed full or partial responsibility for the violence committed against them, or resorting to the provocations due to the desire to become a victim.

Earlier, QHA media reported, the Prime Ministers of Russia and Belarus Dmitry Medvedev and Sergey Rumas agreed on the draft “Program of actions of Belarus and Russia on the implementation of the provisions of the agreement on the creation of the Union State”. According to the document, Moscow and Minsk intend to create a single Tax and Civil Codes, as well as a foreign trade regime.

In connection with the planned meeting of President of Belarus Lukashenko and President of Russia Vladimir Putin on December 7-8, several thousand people took to the streets of Minsk, protesting against integration with the Russian Federation.