Use of water instead of antifreeze for buses resulted in traffic collapse in occupied Kerch. Aksyonov arrived and dismissed the “vice-mayor”

21 February 2019, 17:27

This morning, none of the Kerch trolleybuses operated on the route.

The reason was the lack of permits, the Crimean media claims.

The management of the transport enterprise Kerchgortrans gathered for a meeting, at the end of which the drivers were told that they could go to work. However, the drivers refused, explaining that the transport did not comply with safety requirements.

“After the order to punish us following the check of the prosecutor’s office for driving vehicles that do not meet safety requirements, we are not going to work on such equipment,” said one of the drivers.

In the morning the “head” of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov arrived in Kerch. He visited the “Kerchgortrans”, and then convened a meeting in the “City Hall”.

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The first issue submitted for discussion was the removal of the “deputy head of the Kerch administration” Dilyaver Melgaziyev from office, who is responsible for transport issues in the city.

“The situation is difficult. Of the 40 trolleybuses, 24 are in a state of disrepair – and 10 of them are not recoverable at all. A decision was made to remove the Kerch “deputy head of administration” in connection with the current situation,” Aksyonov said.

Local media reported that the situation is no better with the new Nefaz buses, which were solemnly introduced in the summer of 2016. Today, of the 40 units of transport received by the city in working condition only 15 left.

One of the drivers explained to Kerch journalists that the broken transport was not repaired – the necessary part simply needs to be replaced by the working one from another bus.

If my bus brakes down, I go to the repair shop, the locksmiths take a part from the bus laid-up and put it into mine. If it runs when started – they let it back on the route, and if it doesn’t, then they are looking for such a part in another bus laid-up. No spare parts, no operating vehicles.

Last month, an inspection was carried out at the transport enterprise “Kerchgortrans”, which revealed that instead of antifreeze, water was poured into the transport units. The officials of the “administration” stated: the water caused the increased corrosion of the aggregates, as a result of which some of the Nefaz busses were decommissioned due to serious malfunctions. The security forces also found the antifreeze, which was hidden at the enterprise.

The “Minister of Transport” of Crimea, Sergey Karpov, promised an additional technical expertise to be conducted in the near future with regard to stripped buses.

Earlier the “head” of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov asked the “prosecutor’s office” to check in connection with the fact that every fourth new bus in Kerch was disabled.