Ukrainian People’s Deputy Shufrich took his wife to annexed Crimea for holidays. Politician displayed relevant photos | QHA media

Ukrainian People’s Deputy Shufrich took his wife to annexed Crimea for holidays.Politician displayed relevant photos

06 May 2019, 17:03

The People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Bloc faction Nestor Shufrich visited the illegally annexed Crimea during the May holidays.

The press service of the politician reported about the trip on Facebook.

Shufrich and his wife spent three days on the peninsula, and his press service published mainly photographs from occupied
Yalta proveing the trip: At the Lenin monument, on the embankment, overlooking Ayu-Dag mountain and other recognizable places.

На майские праздники Нестор Шуфрич решил сделать любимой жене подарок – романтическое автомобильное путешествие в Крым…

Опубліковано Пресс-служба Несторою Шуфричою Неділя, 5 травня 2019 р.

Meanwhile, the reaction of social networks users to the trip of the Ukrainian politician in the Russian-occupied Crimea was quite disapproving, and he was reminded that in April Putin’s Russia had killed 19 Ukrainian fighters in the Donbas, and about ongoing mass repressions on the annexed peninsula.

Some users even recommended Shufrich to stay in the Crimea and not return to mainland Ukraine or to take his wife to Donbas for holidays.

Earlier, it was reported that the Member of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Opposition bloc” Yevhen Balitsky admitted that he was traveling freely to the Crimea and did not intend to refuse it. According to him, other People’s Deputies visit the Crimea as well, but they prefer to keep it quiet.

In April, it became known that Konstantin Korolevsky, brother of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Natalya Korolevska (“Opposition Bloc”), runs a common oyster business in the occupied Crimea with Lilia Gomzyk – the mother-in-law of the Russian presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev.