14 March 2019, 16:33

Ukrainian law enforcers detained Chevalier of fake "Union of Donbas Volunteers" at the administrative border with Crimea. He said he was tired of fighting


Ukrainian border guards and National Police officers detained a mercenary who was fighting in the Donbas siding with the illegal armed units of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” at the administrative border with the illegally annexed Crimea.

The detainee is a 27-year-old citizen of Ukraine, the First Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine
Vyacheslav Abroskin reported on Facebook.

“The story of Russia’s mercenary: In 2014, he went to earn money in Voronezh, RF, where he was recruited as a mercenary for $ 1000 to the “LPR”, the Zarya battalion, which was run by Plotnitskiy. He participated in hostilities against the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the settlement Shchastya, got wounded, and was treated in Penza, where he received award of the so-called Union of Volunteers of Donbas and the badge “Volunteer Cross,” Abroskin wrote.

Answering the question, why did he decide to return? He replied: “Tired of fighting, tired of Russian strange land,” he noted.

The detainee with the call sign “Kosa” told the Ukrainian border guards that he was lured into the territory of the Russian Federation under the pretext of finding a job for some “simple” work, the Speaker of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleh Slobodian cited on his Facebook.

“This is the common scheme of the Russian special services for recruiting to the ranks of illegal military formations,” Slobodyan noted.

В День добровольця затримали "добровольця"…Cьогодні вночі прикордонники спільно із національною поліцією виявили…

Опубліковано Oleh Slobodyan Четвер, 14 березня 2019 р.

Earlier, the “police officer” of the terrorist group “LPR” in the Luhansk region was detained and sentenced to 6 years in prison.