Trial of the captive Ukrainian sailors held in Moscow

15 January 2019, 15:12
Фото Евгении Эйдер

Today, on January 15, a court session began in the Lefortovo Court of Moscow to extend the term of detention of captured Ukrainian sailors in custody.

Ukrainians were divided in 6 groups of 4 people to consider the case, according to the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova, who arrived in Moscow the day before.

Прибули разом з рідними на засідання Лефортовського суду.Наших хлопців розподілили для розгляду справи на 6 груп по 4…

Опубліковано Людмилою Денісовою Понеділок, 14 січня 2019 р.

Nikolai Polozov, the lawyer of one of the Ukrainian sailors, informed that the first three fours of the sailors were taken to court with reinforced escort.

According to the information on the website of the Moscow City Court, the case is considered by Judge E.V. Kaneva.

As it became known to the journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” publication, the Lefortovo District Court of Moscow granted the appeal of the investigation with a request to hold a meeting in the absence of journalists and listeners. The investigator explained his request with the confidential information in the case.

Announcement of the operative part of the court decision may violate the results of the investigation.

The prosecutor did not object to hold the hearing in closed session, although the protection of the seamen stated that the reasons for the investigation were contrived.

The FSB of Russia requested that the hearings on the extension of the detention of Ukrainian sailors, be held in closed sessions.

Despite this, the relatives of the prisoners of war were allowed into the courtroom to see each other, the lawyer Oleg Eliseev informed.

According to him, the court rejected the petition to release the sailors from the cell and put them next to the lawyers, as well as change the jurisdiction to a military court in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

Meanwhile, an action in support of Ukrainian seamen is taking place outside the courthouse.

Also, an action in support of Ukrainian sailors takes place in Odesa outside the Russian Consulate. According to Dumskaya publication, the rally participants wanted to stain the fence and the gates of the diplomatic mission with red paint, symbolizing blood, but the police did not allow them to do so.

As a result, several people were detained by the forces of law and order.

Опубліковано Думская ТВ Вівторок, 15 січня 2019 р.

As is known, the arrest of Ukrainian sailors captured by Russian security forces expires on January 24.

The investigation is seeking to extend the term of the arrest until April 26.

Ukrainian sailors were captured from the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018 by the Russian military. They are accused of illegally crossing the Russian border.