10 September 2019, 11:34

Top stories of the morning: Trump ready to join Normandy format, North Korea again launched unidentified shells, Germany does not recognize "elections" in occupied Crimea


US President Donald Trump announced his readiness to join the negotiations in the Normandy format regarding peace in Ukraine. He stated this to reporters in Washington: “If they needed me to join, I would join.” Trump also noted that “the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine is a very big step, and a very positive step.”

On the morning of September 10, North Korea launched two unidentified shells from the province of South Pyongyang towards the Sea of ​​Japan, and the day before, September 9, the DPRK Vice Foreign Minister said that Pyongyang was ready to conduct a “comprehensive discussion” with the United States at the end of this month.

Germany does not recognize the “elections” held by Russia in annexed Crimea: “Local elections in Crimea and Sevastopol, organized by Russia, have no force. Territories were annexed by Russia in violation of international law. Elections on Ukrainian territory should be organized by Ukraine.”

The United States will return to Ukraine the painting by Mikhail Panin, “The Secret Departure of Ivan the Terrible before the Oprichnina,” which was stolen by the Nazis from the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum during World War II. This is the first successful case of cooperation at the official state level of Ukraine and the USA in the returning of cultural heritage monuments illegally exported abroad.

Україна повертає зі США картину, яка була викрадена нацистами у часи Другої світової війниПосольство України в США…

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