11 July 2019, 12:30

Top stories of the morning: the United States called struggle against Russian propaganda the greatest challenge of the 21st century, Britain denied a visa to a Russian Foreign Ministry official, a storm in Greece killed six people


The Committee on the Budget of the US House of Representatives held hearings on the fight against the Russian campaign of disinformation and propaganda. Director of the US Agency for Global Media, John Lansing, said that Russia seeks to destroy the very idea of ​​objective facts. He also noted that “combat on the information battlefield may be the fight of the 21st century.”

Britain has not granted a visa to a Russian Foreign Ministry official who was accredited at a conference on media freedom. The official noted that the granting visas to Russian diplomats going on a business trip remains one of the problematic issues in current relations between London and Moscow, adding that previously such incidents happened to the United States, which denied visas to official representatives who were going to UN events.

In central Italy, a hail the size of an orange fell on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Hail fell in the Province of Pescara, in the region of Abruzzo. Due to the injuries inflicted by huge hailstones, 18 people were taken in the hospital emergency department, including a pregnant woman with the face and head injuries.

A monument to Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov was restored in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the city’s mayor Gennady Kernes informed on Facebook. The opinion of people on this issue is divided. Some welcomed the decision of the authorities, others wondered why it was returned.

Six people of different nationalities, including two children, died and more than 100 people were injured as a result of storm winds, rains and hail that hit the Greek resorts in the area of ​​Halkidiki. According to doctors, the age of patients who came to the clinic varies from 8 months to 70 years. Many of them have bone fractures. Some suffered head injuries as a result of falling trees and other objects.