Today Muslims celebrate Oraza Bayram. Mufti Ayder Rustemov spoke about significance of the holiday | QHA media

Today Muslims celebrate Oraza Bayram.Mufti Ayder Rustemov spoke about significance of the holiday

04 June 2019, 15:38

Today, June 4, Muslims began to celebrate one of the two great Islamic holidays – Oraza Bayram, the festival of breaking the fast. The Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea, Ayder Rustemov, congratulated the Muslims on the holiday and spoke about its significance.

“When the Prophet Mohammed moved to Medina, he saw that people celebrate some holidays that they had before the advent of Islam, or the so-called Jahiliyyah period. Then he told them: “Allah has replaced this with two great days, two great holidays. This is Oraza Bayram and Kurban Bayram. Well, celebrate them! ”

Since then, Muslims have celebrated these two days as the days of great holidays. Holiday is a symbol. A symbol is the pinnacle of values of a nation of people. Muslims rejoice, because their two holidays are associated with two Grand rites.

Oraza-bayram holiday comes after implementation the pillar of Islam – observance of compulsory fasting in the month of Ramadan. After its completion, Muslims rejoice, for Allah gave them the opportunity to approach him and purify their souls.

The second significant holiday for Muslims, Kurban-bayram, also goes after the accomplishment of the great pillar of Islam, the Hajj.”

Today in the mosque of the Kyiv Representative Office of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea a festive namaz took place. About a thousand believers attended it. After the completion of the namaz and the sermon, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev congratulated those present. He recalled that the struggle with the Russian aggressor has entered its fifth year, and urged everyone to make their contribution to this struggle.