"There are two behavior options: Either sanctions or war." Expert Klimenko on deliberate action of Russia on disorientation of GPS navigation in the Black Sea region

24 April 2019, 13:02

The report of the American non-governmental organization C4ADS about the thousands of cases of GPS navigation disorientation by the Russian authorities since 2016 in the Black Sea and in the annexed Crimea included cases of distortion and jamming the AIS signal (automatic identification system) on ships in the Sea of Azov, recorded by Black Sea News monitoring.

Chief Editor of the publication Andriy Klimenko told about the situation in a commentary to QHA media.

Since we have been engaged in marine monitoring for five years, of course, we have seen such cases more than once when a ship’s pip on the screen of global navigation systems, such as ShppingExplorer, for example, or Marine Traffic, suddenly shows that this ship is on land and, for example, near Simferopol. It was immediately clear that the signal was distorted, that someone was doing it for something. And this, of course, creates danger.

Klimenko spoke about the current hypothesis that the recent accident of the Norwegian frigate F 313 Helge Ingstad (which sank after a collision with an oil tanker in November 2018) also occurred due to a failure as a result of Russia’s intervention in the maritime navigation system.

According to Klimenko, if we talk about the deliberate action of Russia on the distortion of the signal at sea, then Ukraine has two options.

“These are either sanctions or war. And Russia also has two behavior options – either sanctions or war. Searches and proves are needed. And when this is proved, this, of course, gives a reason for retaliation in the form of sanctions, for example, against Russian ships, Russian ports, Russian maritime organizations,” he believes.

Turning off the AIS signal by the crews of ships heading to the sanctioned ports of Crimea also poses threat to the safety of navigation in the Azov-Black Sea basin, according to the Editor-in-chief of Black Sea News.

Thus, in 2018, the maritime monitoring of the publication registered 35 foreign vessels, except for the ships of Russia (the Russian Federation has about the same number), which were calling the sanctioned ports of Crimea. These are the ships of Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Turkey.

Today we put the question before the IMO (International Maritime Organization) about the need to seriously increase the responsibility for the fact that these people are hiding from sanctions and, thus, pose a threat to navigation, the expert stressed.

Since 2016, the authorities of Russia have disoriented GPS navigation in the Black Sea and in the annexed Crimea in 10 thousand cases, which was discovered by American experts after a case with a US merchant ship. The captain of the vessel photographed the computer screen and the radar with incorrect data on its location. In fact, the vessel was located in the waters of the Black Sea, and according to navigation data – at the airport.