23 August 2019, 17:35

The Guardian published a photo from Crimea, signing it as ‘Russia’. Soon the caption was changed


The British publication The Guardian published a photo from the illegally annexed Crimea in the article Fire runners and nocturnal arts: Thursday’s best photos, indicating it as the territory of Russia.

The photo shows two visitors to the 5th Tavrida Art Festival, which takes place near the city of Sudak in the area of Kapsel Bay and will last until August 26.

The author of the image is Sergey Mulgavko, photographer for the TASS Russian news agency.

Soon the photo caption was changed by removing the word ‘Russia’.

On January 3, the American CNN channel published a photo of Simferopol in the material “Celebrating the New Year around the world”, calling it the territory of Russia. However, the editors soon corrected the captions to the photo.

In March, Facebook users found that in every third map on the US Shutterstock photo bank, Ukraine is shown without the territory of Crimea.