12 March 2019, 10:52

Teşekkür bildirem - Poroshenko thanked the Mejlis for support in the upcoming elections


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed gratitude to the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people for the trust and support of his candidacy for the presidency.

Poroshenko addressed the representative body of the Crimean Tatars on his pages in social networks in both Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar.

Дякую членам Меджлісу кримськотатарського народу за довіру і підтримку. Знаймо, державний суверенітет України на…

Опубліковано Петром Порошенком Понеділок, 11 березня 2019 р.

The Head of state also expressed confidence that the state sovereignty of Ukraine in the Crimea will be ensured, and the Crimean Tatar people – the indigenous people of the peninsula – will be fully restored in all their rights to their native land.

Earlier, on March 10, 2019, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people expressed support to Petro Poroshenko and urged citizens of Ukraine to support his candidacy in the presidential elections on March 31. The Mejlis noted that the most significant point in the assessment of presidential candidates is their ability to mobilize society to resist Russian aggression against Ukraine and begin the process of restoring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.