Slow torture and murder. Lawyers spoke about threats to life for those involved in "Vedzhie Kashka case"

09 January 2019, 15:32
фото “Крымская солидарность”

The health status of the Crimean Tatars Kazim Ametov and Bekir Degermendzhi involved in the “Vedzhie Kashka case” is getting worse and worse with every court session, it is impossible to call their detention in the remand prison other than a slow torture and murder.

A corresponding statement was made by lawyer Emil Kurbedinov after the “Kiev district court” of Simferopol postponed the trial of the “Vedzhie Kashka case”, as cited by Head of the executive committee of Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people, Zair Smedlya.

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Опубліковано Крымская солидарность Вівторок, 8 січня 2019 р.

According to the lawyer, Kazim Ametov’s health is critical.

He is gasping badly. He was hardly breathing when I saw him. Although he is given some injections, this does not help him.

The lawyers of the Crimean Tatars asked the “court” to change the measure of restraint, at least for house arrest, but this petition was not even considered.

According to Kurbedinov, the third person involved in the case – Ruslan Trubach – is in the same cell with Edem Bekirov, whom he takes care of.

Trubach said that this man [Edem Bekirov – Ed.] will die soon. His leg is already of blue color and he constantly feels sick, he has heart problems.

According to Ayder Azamatov, the defender of Asan Chapukh, the elderly Crimean Tatar used to be a healthy person before being placed in the remand prison and now he has to take a lot of medications, although he has been placed under house arrest.

The authorities must understand and adequately respond to the situation with the health status of those involved in the “Vedzhie Kashka case”. I urge to take adequate measures, otherwise the consequences will be dire.

The lawyer Edem Semedlyaev said that now the “authorities” still have the opportunity to rectify the situation in which the persons involved in the fictitious case found themselves, namely: Change the measure of restraint, consider the criminal case as soon as possible, and so on.

Опубліковано Zair Smedlya Середа, 9 січня 2019 р.

In the commentary to QHA Media, Ayder Azamatov reported that Asan Chapukh was hospitalized in the 6th city hospital of Simferopol after which his internal bleeding found. According to him, Chapukh was put on a drip, and was on a special diet.

The individuals accused in the fictitious “Vedzhie Kashka case” are the 66-year-old Asan Chapuh, the 52-year-old Ruslan Trubach, the 58-year-old Bekir Degermendzhi and the 61-year-old Kazim Ametov.