Series of one-person pickets in support of Sentsov took place in Moscow. Mainly near FSB building on Lubyanka Square. PHOTO

13 May 2019, 10:44

May 10, on the fifth anniversary of the arrest of the Ukrainian activist and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, dozens of individual pickets took place in Moscow

The main venue for activists’ pickets was the building of the FSB on Lubyanka Square.

Civil activists one after another came out holding a poster with Oleg Sentsov’s quote “I wish the Russians will learn how not to be afraid!” And published photos and videos on Facebook on the group page Sentsov. Exchange. All for all.

Also, a one-person picket calling for the release of Ukrainian sailors was held outside the FSB building.

Earlier, Oleg Sentsov’s mother, Lyudmila Sentsova, said that Russian jailers give her only 20 minutes to talk to her son once a month.

Ukrainian film-maker and activist Oleg Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in a fabricated case – allegedly for plotting a terror attack in the illegally annexeed Crimea. Now he is in the Russian colony in the city of Labytnangi in the Arctic. In 2018, Sentsov went on a hunger strike, which lasted 145 days – he demanded the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia (then there were more than 70 people).

Earlier, QHA media reported that Sentsov became the first Ukrainian in history to win the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.