11 June 2019, 12:31

Second anniversary of visa liberalization: About three million Ukrainians visited the EU countries


In two years of the visa liberalization for Ukraine with the European Union, about three million citizens of Ukraine visited European countries.

Such data was provided by the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The report notes that since June 11, 2017, most Ukrainians have crossed the border through automobile checkpoints with Poland (more than 1 million), Hungary and Romania (350 thousand and more than 245 thousand people, respectively). About 226 thousand more drove this way across the Ukrainian-Slovak border to the EU.

About 1 million Ukrainians used the air services.

But the sea traffic remains the least popular – only about 500 people have used it for two years of visa liberalization.

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The visa liberalization with the EU countries was introduced on June 11, 2017. It gives the right to citizens of Ukraine traveling with biometric passports to visit EU countries (with the exception of the UK and Ireland) for no more than 90 days of stay for every 180 days.

Visa-free travel also applies to non-EU member states of Schengen – Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.