Searches in the Crimea. Russian security forces broke into the houses of three Crimean Tatars | QHA media
11 January 2019, 15:09

Searches in the Crimea. Russian security forces broke into the houses of three Crimean Tatars


Today, January 11, in the village of Razdolne in the north of the annexed Crimea, Russian security forces searched the homes of Crimean Tatars – Ernest Aliyev, Server Bariev and Osman Osmanov, the public organization Crimean Solidarity reported.

According to the organization, one of the security officials introduced himself as an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Russian security forces were looking for prohibited items and literature in the homes of the Crimean Tatars, and also inspected office equipment, but nothing was found and seized.

After the searches at Server Bariev, a warrant was read out stating that members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir organization, banned in the territory of the Russian Federation, were allegedly gathering in this place.

By 8.00 am Kyiv time, searches were completed.

At the moment it is not known, whether the searched were carried out on the basis of the decision of the investigator or the court.

The Crimean Solidarity notes, the dental technician Server Bariev and the builder Ernest Aliyev are observant Muslims.

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Опубліковано Крымская солидарность Четвер, 10 січня 2019 р.

On November 28, 2018, Russian security forces in the Crimea came with a search to the house of Galina Baloban, an activist of the Ukrainian Cultural Center (UCC).

On November 21, officers of the FSB “department” in the city of Staryi Krym searched the house of the Crimean Tatar Ismet Memetov. Memetov connected searches with the fact that he takes an active civil position and frequently attends meetings of the “courts” on cases against political prisoners.