24 May 2019, 15:26

Scandal erupted in Germany with Members of the Bundestag who illegally visited occupied Crimea on diplomatic passports


Three Members of the German Parliament from the ultra-right party “Alternative for Germany”, violated German administrative law illegally visiting the occupied Crimea in April of this year.

The members of the Bundestag used diplomatic passports, although their visit to the Russian-annexed peninsula was of a private nature, Bild reported.

The newspaper notes that the law provides for the use of diplomatic passports only for the performance of official duties, and not private travel. Therefore, journalists raised the issue of punishing MPs for this.

The representative of the “Alternative for Germany” Udo Hemmelgarn confirmed to Bild that he “entered Russia without a visa, and used a diplomatic passport when entering and leaving”.

Two other politicians who also took part in the Yalta Economic Forum in April, said they used diplomatic passports.

The German far right politicians illegally visited the annexed Crimea in 2018 as well. Although, the German Foreign Ministry does not welcome such visits and constantly warns politicians about the possible consequences.

On the eve of the Yalta “forum” in April 2019, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reminded foreigners that, under Ukrainian law, entry into the occupied territories is possible only through the mainland of Ukraine. And for this one needs to get permission from government agencies.