Russian tanker blocking Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait detained in Izmail port

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Марина ПищулинаQHA media
26 July 2019, 10:44
Марина ПищулинаQHA media
26 July 2019, 10:44

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, jointly with the Military Prosecutor's Office, detained the Russian tanker NEYMA, which blocked Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait in November 2018.

According to the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine, on July 24, according to the information of Ukrainian border guards, the tanker NIKA SPIRIT entered the port of Izmail under the flag of Russia. However, according to the IMO number (the unique identifier of the vessel - ed.) 8895528,  the vessel is identified in the international information system EQUASIS, as the already known NEYMA tanker, which took part in the blocking of the Kerch Strait in the autumn of 2018.


The investigation found that in order to conceal involvement of the NEYMA tanker in illegal actions and an act of aggression, the Russian owners changed the name to NIKA SPIRIT.

Now, a group of investigators of the SBU, military prosecutors and border guards has completed investigative actions authorized by a Ukrainian court on the detained tanker  - a search to establish the actual circumstances of the case, the seizure of documents from the vessel, radio communications records during the conflict, the logbooks. Members of the crew are questioned, the documents necessary for establishing the truth in the proceedings have been withdrawn, - the message says.

The indicated vessel is recognized as material evidence and a petition is being prepared to the court for its arrest.

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Опубліковано Служба безпеки України Четвер, 25 липня 2019 р.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said it was clarifying the circumstances of Ukraine’s detention of the Russian tanker, according to TASS.

We are now ascertaining the details of the incident to take adequate measures. If we are talking about taking Russians hostage, this would be qualified as a gross violation of international law and the consequences would not be long in coming, - the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

Later it was reported that the crew of the NEYMA tanker, detained in the port of Izmail, was safe and sent home.

The representative of the shipowner Altomar Shipping informed RIA Novosti on the situation.

With a request to find out the circumstances of the detention of the Russian tanker in the port of Izmail and the fate of the sailors, Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russian Ombudsperson, appealed to Lyudmila Denisova, the Ukrainian counterpart.

For her part, Denisova promised to look into the situation, the message from the Russian Ombudsperson says.

Meanwhile, the Head of the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine, Olena Gitlyanskaya, promised soon to report details related to the Russian tanker.

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On November 25, 2018, near the Kerch Strait, Russian border guards rammed a Ukrainian tugboat, “Yany Kapu,” which was transported with boats “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk” from Odesa to Mariupol. After that Russians opened fire to kill. As a result of the shelling, three Ukrainian seamen were injured. 24 Ukrainians were captured and arrested (the last time the Lefortovskiy District Court of Moscow extended the term of the arrest until the end of July 2019). All sailors said they considered themselves prisoners of war. On July 17, the Moscow court extended their arrest until October 24.