09 April 2019, 12:29

Russian ships "enter on duty" in the Black Sea. The reason is joint exercise of NATO and Ukraine "Sea Shield - 2019"


The reconnaissance and attack ships as well as coastal missile systems of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “were put on duty” in connection with the joint exercises of NATO and Ukraine “Sea Shield – 2019” in the Black Sea, TASS reported with reference to the national center of defense management of the Russian Federation.

For a quick response to possible emergency situations, the forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet implement a set of measures to monitor the actions of NATO ships. The duty was organized by reconnaissance ships, as well as ship strike groups, coastal missile systems “Bastion” and “Ball”, naval aviation aircrafts, the message says.

On April 5, the missile boat of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Priluki and the Royal Canadian Navy frigate Toronto, conducted joint shooting in the Black Sea at NATO standards. They were closely watched by the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs.

The multinational NATO exercises, Sea Shield 2019, started on April 5 in the Black Sea and will last until April 13. The participants include 14 Romanian warships and 6 warships from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands and Turkey. The exercise involved 2,200 military personnel who will work out techniques against threats at sea, on land and in the air.