Russian real estate service compared incomes of citizens with rental prices. It turned out that cost of two-bedroom apartment in Simferopol is higher than the average salary

12 February 2019, 17:11

Russian-occupied Simferopol topped the ranking of cities in terms of average wages and average rates for renting a one-room apartment, made up with the online service It compared the Crimean capital with the cities of neighboring Russia.

In Simferopol, the income from renting a one-bedroom apartment covers 79% of the average salary, and a two-bedroom apartment – 103%, ForPost reported

Meanwhile, in Sevastopol, which is ranked second in the list, the cost of renting a “two-bedroom apartment” is 94% of the average salary. And the average price of renting a one-bedroom in Sevastopol is 19.5 thousand rubles – this is 69% of the average Sevastopol salary, which is 28.4 thousand rubles.

On the 3rd place comes the Russian city of Sochi, with 62% and 98% respectively. The top ten of the rankings also included Makhachkala, Khimki, Grozny, Rostov-on-Don, Khabarovsk, Novorossiysk and Vladikavkaz.

Moscow was in the second ten of the rating and took the 13th place. No matter how high the cost of renting is, it is only 45% (in the case of a one-room apartment) and 64% (in the case of a two-room apartment) of the average Moscow salary. St. Petersburg, with 39% and 61%, respectively, took the 27th place.

Tyumen closes the rating, where the rent from a one-room apartment is 23% of the average salary in the region.

In occupied Simferopol, the average monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment is 21,829 rubles. (increased by 4.6%), two-bedroom – 31,221 rubles. (increased by 1.6%), three-bedroom – 37 908 rubles. (increased by 2.3%). According to these indicators, the Crimean capital is second only to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

Earlier, it was reported that the cost of building one square meter of residential buildings has dramatically increased in the Crimea, which will subsequently lead to higher prices for housing in the primary market.