08 May 2019, 16:07

Russian passports of ORDLO residents to be declared illegal - Groysman


Today, on May 8, at a government meeting, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced that the Cabinet of Ministers would adopt a decision, according to which on the of passports that Russia issues to residents of the temporarily occupied Donbas will be recognized as illegal and invalid.

Russia began issuing fake passports of the Russian Federation to citizens of Ukraine. It’s absolutely illegal, and we will never recognize any citizenship that the aggressor’s country issues, – he said.

Groysman said that these “documents” will be recognized as illegal when crossing the state border, as well as when used on the territory of Ukraine.

“Moreover, we will appeal to all countries – our partners, so that similar decisions are made by other countries, so that these fake passports are recognized as invalid when crossing the borders of other countries,” the Prime Minister concluded.

QHA media reported that on April 24, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for ORDLO residents. On May 1, the President of Russia signed a new decree according to which those born and who lived in Crimea and Sevastopol, but left before the annexation of the peninsula, can receive Russian citizenship.

Later, on May 3, Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Yury Hrymchak said that Ukraine would have no problems in obtaining lists of citizens who would accept Russian citizenship.