08 April 2019, 12:15

Russian fighters of the fifth-generation used in hostilities in Syria can be deployed in Crimea


The Russian Defense Ministry is considering the option of deploying fifth-generation Su-57 fighters in the illegally annexed Crimea at the Belbek airfield near Sevastopol, Izvestia reported with reference to a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

The 38th Air Force division on the peninsula can be provided with such “Su” aircrafts.

Furthermore, the Russian Defense Ministry is considering the option of sending its aircrafts to the 3rd hybrid aviation regiment, stationed in the Russian city of Krymsk, Krasnodar Territory.

Su-57 fighters are designed to replace the Su-27. These aircrafts have already been used in the fighting in Syria.

The fighter can reach speeds of up to 2.6 thousand km / h, the flight range is about 4.3 thousand kilometers.

Earlier, Izvestia reported that the Russian authorities intended to construct a Voronezh radar station in the region of occupied Sevastopol. The station would be able to track the movement of aircraft and satellites, as well as launches of any ballistic and cruise missiles up to Gibraltar.