23 April 2019, 12:35

Russia actively disorienting GPS navigation in the Black Sea and in Crimea – Experts’ conclusion


Since 2016, the authorities of Russia have disoriented GPS navigation in the Black Sea and in the illegally annexed Crimea in 10 thousand cases.

The intervention was discovered by American experts, according to Voice of America.

The reason for the investigation into the disorientation of GPS navigation in Russia was the data of the American captain of a merchant ship in the Black Sea, who photographed a computer screen and a radar with incorrect data on its location.

In fact, the vessel was located in the waters of the Black Sea, and according to navigation data – at the airport.

After receiving documented data on navigation disorientation, the experts began an investigation. Later it turned out that 20 other ships faced similar problems during their stay in the waters of the Black Sea in 2017.

After a large-scale study, it was revealed that Russia was engaged in disorienting navigation not only in the Crimea and the Black Sea, but also in the Pacific Ocean, as well as in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Most often, cases of disorientation were recorded at vital state facilities and institutions.

According to the study, the United States and Western Europe are the most vulnerable to the disorientation of GPS navigation. The least impact navigation disorientation has for China, Saudi Arabia and Korea, since they use other systems.

Experts further noted that the disorientation of GPS navigation is dangerous because it can lead to fatal accidents.

Earlier, it was reported that in Russia, Google opens a local version of the map, on which Crimea is indicated as Russian territory, and on the maps for Ukrainians, as that of Ukraine. Google explained that in countries where there are local versions of maps (as in Russia), the company follows local laws when displaying names and borders.