22 May 2019, 16:52

Residents of occupied Kerch patch potholes on roads with all available means. PHOTO


In the annexed Kerch, the residents repair the roads themselves, without waiting for the actions of the local occupation “authorities.”

Townspeople told Kerch.FM that in front of their house on Ordzhonikidze Street, they themselves patched up the pits that remained after the repair of the water utility.

Reportedly, all available means were used.

This is not the first such experience for residents of Kerch. Thus, both the inner and central roads of the city were repaired independently.

Earlier, residents of Kostyrino village near Kerch found themselves in transport isolation, since the only bus refused to go there because of the terrible condition of the local road.

It was also reported that residents of occupied Alupka patched up potholes on the roads in an unusual way – with the help of mattresses. They ironically call their method “nano-asphalt”, thereby drawing the attention of the “authorities” to the condition of the roads in the city.