Reason indicated for fertility decline in occupied Crimea – Lack of women | QHA media
15 May 2019, 12:24

Reason indicated for fertility decline in occupied Crimea – Lack of women


The sharp decline in the birth rate in annexed Crimea is associated with a decrease in the number of women of fertile age.

The Crimean “Minister of Labor and Social Protection” Elena Romanovskaya reported on the situation, as cited by RIA Novosti.

According to her, each year the number of women of reproductive age decreases by 2.7 thousand.

If last year 20 thousand 266 children were born, then this year, in order for us to reach last year’s birth rate, at least 20 thousand children must be born, the minister said.

Romanovskaya went on saying that as of April 24, 5 thousand 613 children were born in Crimea, which is 404 children less than during the same period last year.

She also reported that the only region in the Crimea where natural population growth is observed is the Simferopol region.

In all other regions, fertility is falling compared with mortality. Even where an increase in the birth rate has traditionally been observed (in the Dzhankoy and Bilohirsk districts), the birth rate is already decreasing.

Meanwhile, the death rate in the annexed Crimea will exceed the birth rate in the next 16 years. This forecast was voiced at the Federal State Statistics Service of Crimea “Krymstat” on the eve of 2019. Crimean mortality will increase every year, and by 2035 will be more than 29 thousand, and the birth rate – less than 15 thousand.