28 November 2018, 17:06

Putin finally spoke: Seizure of Ukrainian ships in Kerch Strait by FSB is “a border incident, nothing more”


Source: ТАСС

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident with the seizure and shelling of Ukrainian ships “provocation”, which was “organized by the current government of Ukraine and its president Poroshenko on the eve of the elections.”

Putin made such a statement on November 28, speaking at the Russia Calling Forum in Moscow.

He noted that on November 25 in the Kerch Strait there was a “border incident, nothing more.”

Putin also claimed that the Ukrainian authorities are successfully selling anti-Russian sentiment.

“It seems that whatever they do they get away with it. If they demand infants for breakfast today, they would be probably served ones. One will say, why, if they want to eat – nothing can be done about it.”

Putin said that “when detaining the Ukrainian border trespassers the Russian border guards clearly fulfilled their military duty.” According to him, the Ukrainian military vessels “invaded the territorial waters of the RussianFederation”, and “if the Russian border guards acted differently,they would have to be brought to justice.”

According to the Ministry for the temporarily occupiedterritories of Ukraine, the capture and shelling of Ukrainian military vesselsby Russian border guards occurred in the international watersof the Black Sea. The ministry announced the location of the military vesselsduring the incident on November 25.

The General Staff reported that the Russianborder guards who had fired at the Ukrainian vessel Berdyansk, were aiming atthe wheelhouse, and not at the engines, which indicates the deadly force.