09 April 2019, 15:09

Providers of the annexed Crimea massively blocking Ukrainian websites, including QHA media. Whole list


Ten providers in the Russian-occupied Crimea completely block 12 Ukrainian information sites and two social networks. In addition, 28 sites are partially blocked.

Crimean Human Rights Group published the results of monitoring conducted in February-March 2019 in the illegally annexed Crimea.

The accessibility of Ukrainian information resources was tested using networks of ten different providers in nine Crimean settlements: BelNet (Bilohirsk), SevStar (Sevastopol), KST (Simferopol), Mechta (Simferopol), Bosportelekom (Kerch), YaltaNet (Yalta), SkyLine (Krasnoperekopsky District) ), Sivash-net (Krasnoperekopsk), Orange-net (Bakhchysarai), Volna-mobile (Dzhankoy).

Crimean Human Rights Group checked 34 Ukrainian informational sites, access to which was partially or completely blocked in at least one of the above-mentioned settlements.

  1. UA:Pershyi    http://1tv.com.ua/    (3 providers blocking)
  2. Chornomorska TRK  http://blacksea.tv/   (10 providers blocking)
  3. “Censor.net” http://censor.net.ua/  (10 providers blocking)
  4. “Espreso” http://espreso.tv/   (5 providers blocking)
  5. “Gordon” http://gordonua.com/ (1 provider blocking)
  6. ICTV http://ictv.ua/ru/  (3 providers blocking)
  7. Krym.SOS http://krymsos.com/ (2 providers blocking)
  8. Liveam.TV http://liveam.tv/  (1 provider blocking)
  9. “Meridian” http://meridian.in.ua/ (3 providers blocking)
  10. “Novy channel” http://novy.tv/ (3 providers blocking)
  11. QHA media http://qha.com.ua/ (3 providers blocking)
  12. “Sled” http://sled.net.ua/ (10 providers blocking)
  13. “Sprotyv.info” http://sprotyv.info/ (3 providers blocking)
  14. Uainfo http://uainfo.org/  (10 providers blocking)
  15. “Channel Five” http://www.5.ua/  (10 providers blocking)
  16. Blackseanews http://www.blackseanews.net/  (3 providers blocking)
  17. “Events of Crimea” http://www.sobytiya.info/  (3 providers blocking)
  18. STB http://www.stb.ua/  (3 providers blocking)
  19. “15 minutes”  https://15minut.org/  (10 providers blocking)
  20. АТR https://atr.ua/  (1 provider blocking)
  21. “Focus” https://focus.ua/ (10 providers blocking)
  22. “Glavnoe” https://glavnoe.ua/  (9 providers blocking)
  23. “Hromadske radio”  https://hromadskeradio.org/ (9 providers blocking)
  24. “Center for Investigative Journalism”  https://investigator.org.ua/  (1 provider blocking)
  25. “Krym. Realii” https://ru.krymr.com/  (1 provider blocking)
  26. “Depo”  https://www.depo.ua/  (10 providers blocking)
  27. “Obozrevatel”  https://www.obozrevatel.com/  (1 provider blocking)
  28. “Ukrainian Truth” https://www.pravda.com.ua/   (10 providers blocking)
  29. “RBC-Ukraine”  https://www.rbc.ua/ (10 providers blocking)
  30. “Ukrinform” https://www.ukrinform.ua/  (10 providers blocking)
  31. “Left Bank”  https://lb.ua/  (3 providers blocking)
  32. “Crimean solidarity”  https://crimean-solidarity.org/ (4 providers blocking)
  33. “Glavcom”  https://glavcom.ua/  (10 providers blocking)
  34. “112 Ukraine” https://112.ua/ (1 provider blocking)

The monitoring showed that 12 sites from this list are blocked by all 10 providers, namely: “Chornomorska TV and Radio Company”, “Cenzor.Net”, “Sled.net”, “Channel 5”, “15 Minutes”, “Focus”, “Depo”, “Ukrainian Truth”, “RBC-Ukraine”, “Ukrinform”, “Glavcom”, “Uainfo”. Moreover, all ten providers completely block access to social networks LinkedIn and Telegram.

Websites of “Glavnoe” and “Hromadske radio” are blocked by 9 out of 10 providers.

The report of Amnesty International, presented at the UN Secretariat for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) on March 29, stated that the authorities in Crimea pursue a policy of harassment, threats and intimidation, which is often directed against both representatives of the Crimean Tatar people and pro-Ukrainian public figures.