11 July 2019, 18:39

Pessimism of Ukrainians has decreased by half over the year - Opinion poll


According to a survey conducted by the Rating sociological group on July 6-10, 2019, 35% of Ukrainians believe that the country is moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, 39% of respondents stated the opposite, and 26% were undecided on this issue.

The direction of the country’s development is more positively assessed in the west of Ukraine, and the worst – in the east.

It is noted that the most optimistic are the youth and supporters of the “Servant of the People”.

According to the observation graph, the level of positive assessment of the country’s movement began to grow in April. In total, over the past 8 years, a similar level of optimism was observed in April 2014 — 34%.

At the same time, judging by the Rating data, over the year, the pessimistic attitudes of Ukrainians have almost halved: if in July 2018, 76% of respondents thought that Ukraine was moving in the wrong direction, now only 39% do, and a month ago – 37%.

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The survey was conducted using face-to-face interview. Sociologists interviewed 2 thousand respondents aged 18 years and older. Research error is no more than 2.2%.

Earlier, it was reported that, according to a sociological study of the Ilk Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, the citizens of Ukraine consider five reforms in the country to be high-priority: anti-corruption, medical, pension, law enforcement reform and lustration of officials.