15 May 2019, 13:35

Period of arrest in Russian detention center extended to four Crimean Tatars detained during March searches


May 14, the Shakhty City Court (Rostov Region of Russia), chaired by Judge Stanislav Malko, extended the term of detention of four persons involved in the “Hizb ut-Tahrir case” (“the second Simferopol group”) detained during mass searches in the annexed Crimea on March 27-28.

The Crimean Tatars accused on the far-fetched case – Alim Karimov, Yashar Muedenov, Tofik Abdulgaziyev and Izzet Abdullayev will remain in the Rostov pre-trial detention center until August 15, Crimean Solidarity reports.

The trial was attended by lawyers of the Crimean Tatars Emil Kurbedinov and Mambet Mambetov.

It is worth noting, that the relatives of the Crimean Tatars, who had specially arrived in the Russian city of Shakhty from the Crimea for the hearing, were not allowed into the courtroom.

The day before, May 13, the Leninsky District Court of the Russian Rostov-on-Don extended the arrest of four Crimean Tatars Shaban Umerov, Remzi Bekirov, Rize Isetov and Ruslan Suleymanov until August 15. They were also detained during the March raids of the FSB in the illegally annexed Crimea.

A similar decision on extension of the term of detention in the remand centre was made by the Taganrog City Court regarding four more Crimean Tatars – Seyran Murtaza, Enver Ametov, Medzhit Abdurakhmanov and Rustem Seythalilov. QHA media reported, that the Russian security forces did not allow relatives and friends of the arrested Crimean Tatars to even see them when they were taken to the courthouse.