Orchestra, festive performance by the military and congratulations from Zelensky. What was the Flag Day of Ukraine on St. Sophia Square in Kyiv

23 August 2019, 15:55

Anastasia Gevko

Bohdan Datsyuk

QHA media

On August 23, at the Sophia Square, the Ukrainian military staged a performance with an orchestra and a series of solemn volleys in honor of the State Flag Day of Ukraine.

The event was attended by veteran defenders of Ukraine, security forces of various branches of the armed forces and units, President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian officials.

“Glory to Ukraine. Congratulations on the State Flag Day of Ukraine,” the president said, after which he, together with the military and the daughter of the military pilot who died in 2014, Anastasia Kaminska, raised the Ukrainian flag.

Zelensky also assigned honorary names to the combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the State Border Service:

• The 456th Transport Aviation Brigade – named after Dmitry Mayboroda;

•         The 105th border detachment of the Northern Regional Directorate of the State Border Service – named after Prince Vladimir the Great;

•         The 92nd separate mechanized brigade – named after Ataman Ivan Sirko;

•         The 28th separate mechanized brigade – named after Knights of the Winter Campaign;

•         The 17th separate tank brigade of Kryvyi Rih – named after Konstantin Pestushko;

•         The 17th border detachment of the Southern Regional Directorate of GPS – named after Colonel Oleksandr Zhukovsky;

•         The 15th regiment of the National Guard – assigned name “Slaviansky”;

•         South-territorial administration of the National Guard – assigned name “Odessa”.

The performance ended with a solemn march of Ukrainian defenders and a military band.

The largest flag of Ukraine called Donetsk flag was sewn by the widow of a Donetsk miner, pensioner Maria Belyatkova. Its size is 30 by 45 meters (1350 m²), and it is listed in the Book of Records of Ukraine. This flag was first waved in Donetsk on August 23, 2007.