04 December 2018, 16:18

Omelyan announced partial unblocking of Azov by Russia. 17 vessels are awaiting to take the sea


As of December 3, a movement of ships is recorded through the Kerch Strait in the direction of the Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov, according to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan.

He stated that the ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol are partially unblocked.


Ships carry out their movement in the direction of the Ukrainian ports through the Kerch Strait. The ships are stopped by the Russian side, inspected, as before, but the movement has been partially restored.

Станом на 3 грудня 2018 року спостерігається рух суден через Керченську протоку у напрямку українських портів в…

Опубліковано Міністерство інфраструктури України Понеділок, 3 грудня 2018 р.

According to him, 17 ships are awaiting putting to the Sea of Azov, and 1 is waiting for the exit. Another 9 ships are docked in the ports.

The Head of the department noted that the unblocking of Ukrainian ports was made possible due to the coordinated activities of the Ukrainian authorities, tough and unequivocal international reaction, as well as the world media.

Omelyan expressed the hope that in the coming days, the Ukrainian ports will be fully unlocked, and the next step will be the release of Ukrainian sailors.

Earlier, the Ukrainian small armored artillery boats Nikopol and Berdyansk had disappeared from the port of Kerch, where they had been brought after captured by Russian border guards in the Black Sea. Boats were towed in an unknown direction.

Reference: on November 25, Russia seized Ukrainian boats and a tug near the Kerch Strait, the vessels were heading from Odesa to Mariupol. The Ukrainian side has sent Russia a notice on the shipment of boats. However, the Russian military rammed a Ukrainian ship, and then opened fire on a tug to kill.

24 Ukrainian sailors were captured. Crimean “court” arrested them fortwo months. All the soldiers were transported from the annexed Crimea toMoscow.