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Rustem Umerov

Now and After of Coronavirus: Interview With Ukrainian Member of Parliament Mr. Rustem Umerov

03 April 2020, 14:20

The coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world, also shows its effect in Crimea. But Russia, the invader, hides the cases in Crimea. The accurate information in regard to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic cannot be gathered and the real situation in the peninsula cannot be monitored.

Member of Parliament of Ukraine Mr. Rustem Umerov spoke to the Crimean News Agency (QHA) on the latest developments in Crimea. Despite the invading Russian administration’s attempts to hide it, quarantine practice has started in Crimea. The establishment of a special forces control centre on the Kerch bridge emphasizes how critical the situation in regard to pandemic in Crimea is.

In regard to the coronavirus outbreak in Crimea, Delegate of the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar People, Member of Ukrainian Parliament Mr. Rustem Umerov said, “The occupying government conceals the real situation with the diagnosis of ‘pneumonia’. The so-called Crimean Government does not want to explain the real numbers and it cannot run the correct diagnoses because there are simply not enough tests.”

Here is the full interview of the Member of Parliament of Ukraine Mr Rustem Umerov with QHA…

What is the situation in the occupied Crimea in regard to the coronavirus outbreak? How informed the Ukrainian state on the situation?

Accurate data about the level of spread of the coronavirus pandemic is concealing by the Russian administration in the occupied Crimea. Some statistics are indeed publishing in Russian news channels including coronavirus cases in Crimea. However, the occupying government conceals the actual status by the diagnosing people with “pneumonia”. The so-called Crimean Government does not want to explain the real numbers and it cannot run the correct diagnoses because there are simply not enough tests. In general, the situation in Crimea is quite worrying for sure. The quantity of medical facilities in Crimea is much lower than in mainland Ukraine.

As Member of Parliament, what kind of steps do you take to fight the virus pandemic?

As Members of Parliament, we are ready to support our citizens in terms of all needs. First of all, it is essential to comply with the rule of social isolation. It is quite an effective regulation. Elderly citizens must stay at home because they are in the risk group. But it should not be forgotten that the risk of getting infected with the virus applies to all age groups. The virus is not selective. It means people of all ages should care about social isolation. However, I would like to underline that in terms of the law, the occupying state, Russian Federation, is fully responsible for the course of events in the occupied Crimea.

What is the situation in Ukraine upon the fight against coronavirus? What measures have taken so far?

Unfortunately, the situation of the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine is fairly similar to the situation in the world. The number of patients is increasing. According to the estimates of virology specialists, the outbreak has not yet reached its peak. The Ukrainian government is doing its best to take all necessary measures against the spread of the disease. However, it turned out that the Ukrainian health sector was not yet ready for this test much the same as all the other nations of the world.

Do you think the measures are satisfactory? What else could be done?

At the moment, it is crucial to secure the well-being of the citizens of Ukraine. Firstly, all the essential laboratory equipment and devices should be provided for hospitals. Doctors should maintain all the facilities and tools to diagnose the disease in larger groups. In general, the state’s administrative bodies and local authorities are successful in informing the society about the risks of infection and prevention methods. The condition in Ukraine is monitoring precisely by the government.

How does the Ukrainian parliament continue its activity?

The Ukrainian Parliament continues its activity. Members are attending parliamentary sessions by taking all needed safety measures for sure. On March 30, Parliament adopted amendments to the law to fight more effectively with the coronavirus outbreak. The new ministers for Health and Finance have selected. Laws have examined in regard to regulations in the banking sector and real estate.

The virus threatens not only human life but also the economy. What is your opinion on this fact?

The coronavirus has changed the world economy, trade and production. Undoubtedly, many countries will allocate their budget and pay more attention to the health system. One day the outbreak will pass. We understand it is apparent that there will be a worldwide economic crisis after all. Employment conditions will change. Some of the Ukrainian citizens working outside the country, especially citizens in Europe, will have to return and seek employment here. Therefore, it is necessary to open new workplaces in order to prevent tension in the society and to reduce the pressure on the social duties share of the country’s budget.