Muslims are not terrorists. Flashmob in support of illegally convicted Crimean Tatars continues

26 December 2018, 11:16

December 24, Crimean Tatar activists, public, political and religious leaders condemned the verdict of the North Caucasian District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don (RF), which sentenced Crimean Muslims convicted in the Hizb ut-Tahrir case to lengthy prison terms.

According to the public organization Crimean Solidarity, people from all over the world are demonstrating their solidarity and support for the unfairly accused and convicted Crimean Tatars.

The same day in settlement Razdolnoe a dua (prayer) was held regarding the sentence in the “Hizb ut-Tahrir case.”


⚡ДУА (МОЛЕБЕН) ПГТ. РАЗДОЛЬНОЕСегодня, 24 декабря 2018 года, в пгт. Раздольное состоялся дуа (молебен) относительно приговора по «делу Хизб ут-Тахрир» (первой Бахчисарайской группы).Люди со всего Крыма хотят выразить свою солидарность и поддержку их семьям и показать, что народ не согласен с этими несправедливыми обвинениями.

Опубліковано Крымская солидарность Понеділок, 24 грудня 2018 р.

In turn, an action in support of the Crimean political prisoners took place at the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Crimea “Bir vucud” (One body) in Kyiv.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the verdict against four Crimean Muslims involved in the contrived “Hizb ut-Tahrir case” (“the first Bakhchisarai group”) repression against the Crimean Tatars.

The ministry noted that Ukraine will not silently observe this practice of the Russian Federation, and will use all possible political and diplomatic levers to free its citizens.

December 24, a Russian court sentenced Enver Mamutov to 17 years’ imprisonment and Rustem Abiltarov, Zevri Abseitov and Remzi Memetov to 9 years’ imprisonment in a strict regime colony.