11 June 2019, 18:01

More than half of Russians want separation of Ukraine’s south-eastern part - Opinion poll


56% of Russian citizens want separation of the south-east of Ukraine.

This is evidenced by a sociological survey conducted by the Russian Levada Center.

Thus, 29% of Russians believe that the south-east of Ukraine should become a separate state, and 27% of respondents, answering the question: “What do you think about the political future of “south-eastern Ukraine” said that this part of Ukraine should become part of the Russian Federation.

About a third of Russians support the preservation of the south-east part of Ukraine, but 17% of them believe that “in order for the south-east of Ukraine to remain a part of Ukraine, but to gain greater independence from Kyiv.”

And only 14% of respondents answered: “The south-east of Ukraine should remain part of Ukraine under the same conditions as it was before the crisis.”

Meanwhile, answering the question that the annexation of Crimea requires significant expenses from Russia and to what extent “you personally are ready to pay,” only 7% answered “In full”, 9% chose the option – “to a large extent”, 26% – “to some extent.”

36% of respondents are “completely unwilling” to pay for the so-called “accession” of Crimea, 17% do not think this burden will fall on ordinary citizens, 5% found it difficult to answer.

The survey was conducted May 24 – 29 by a representative All-Russian sample of urban and rural population of 1,616 people aged 18 years and older in 137 settlements of 50 regions of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, according to the latest sociological research, 27% of Russians would come to rallies against declining living standards and defending their rights, while 22% of respondents would join the protests with political demands.