17 April 2019, 14:52

“Let Crimea be recognized as Russian”– Moscow’s obvious reaction to obligation to pay damages to Ukrnafta


Russia should not recognize the legality of the decision of the International Arbitration Court on the compensation to Ukrainian oil and gas company Ukrnafta, and demands that the court recognize Crimea as a Russian territory.

The senator from the Crimea, a member of the Council of the Federation Committee on International Affairs of Russia Sergey Tsekov thus commented on the decision of the Arbitration Court in The Hague to recover $ 44.4 million of compensation from Russia to the Ukrainian company Ukrnafta for the loss of assets in the occupied Crimea, RIA Novosti reports.

We do not need to fulfill any decisions. Let them first rule on recognizing Crimea as part of Russia on the basis of all-Crimean referendum, and only then we can have a dialogue directly with each of those who believe that he has any property problems on the territory of the “republic”, Tsekov said.

He also promised to bring counterclaims against the Ukrainian banks and enterprises that worked in the Crimea before the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

Earlier, the International Arbitration Court decided to recover $ 44.4 million of compensation from the Russian Federation in favor of PJSC Ukrnafta for the expropriation of its property in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea illegally annexed by Russia.