12 June 2019, 18:43

Just a few hundred meters. JFO forces have come close to Donetsk


Joined Forces came close to the occupied city of Donetsk.

The corresponding statement was made by the press center of the Joined Forces Operation headquarters.

According to the message, the servicemen of the 24th separate mechanized brigade have gained ground on new positions and “have effective control over a certain area of ​​responsibility closely to Donetsk”.

As of now, in the direction towards the occupied Oleksandrivka village, the infantrymen have installed full-fledged strongholds for the units. The distance between the positions of the JFO and the Russian occupying forces in this area is only a few hundred meters, – the headquarters stressed.

Королівські піхотинці дооблаштовують раніше зайняті позиції в Мар'їнці#ООС #Операція_ОСБлизько місяця тому воїни…

Опубліковано Операція об'єднаних сил / Joint Forces Operation Середа, 12 червня 2019 р.

A military journalist Pavel Shaposhnikov reported on his Facebook page that now the distance to the temporarily occupied village of Oleksandrivka and Donetsk is from 100 to 250 meters.

Thus, according to him, the so-called “gray zone” in the village of Marinka has now moved to the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.

Військовослужбовці 24-ої окремої механізованої бригади ім. Короля Данила закріпилися на нових позіціях у Мар’їнці.Про…

Опубліковано Pavel Shaposhnikov Середа, 12 червня 2019 р.

Over the past day, June 11, in the JFO zone, two invaders were destroyed and seven were injured. Three Ukrainian defenders were also injured as a result of militants’ attacks.