16 May 2019, 11:49

In Crimea concert canceled which was scheduled on the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Crimean Tatars Genocide


The concert of the chamber orchestra of the Crimean “State Philharmonic Society” and the exhibition “Tableware of the South-Western Crimea of the I-XVIII centuries” scheduled for the coming weekend have been canceled.

According to the information of the Bakhchysarai Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, “events are canceled for technical reasons.”

The concert and exhibition were to be held in the framework of the All-Russian action “Night of Museums”.

Earlier, QHA media reported, that on May 18, the orchestra of the Crimean “State Philharmonic Society” was supposed to give a concert with the performance of works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Glinka in the historic building of Zyndzhirly-Madrasa in Bakhchysarai.

Anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars and other peoples of the Crimea is annually marked on May 18. It was on this day in 1944 at four in the morning that the deportation began. The Soviet government accused the Crimean Tatar people in collaboration with Nazi Germany during World War II. All the Crimean Tatars who remained on the peninsula were taken to Central Asia and the Urals. Only on the way to exile and in the first year after the deportation more than 30 thousand people died.

In 2015, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recognized the deportation as a genocide against the Crimean Tatar people and designated May 18 as the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Crimean Tatar Genocide. In 2019, Latvia recognized the deportation of 1944 from the Crimea as genocide.