23 August 2019, 16:27

Illegal excavations in Crimea continue. This time, archaeologists have discovered a rare burial of Sarmatian culture.


Archaeologists in the illegally annexed Crimea found the burial of a baby of the 1st-2nd centuries AD with a juglet for incense and a plate with the remains of animal bones in a crypt of the ancient necropolis of Kyz-Aul near Kerch, TASS reports.

“A rare and incomprehensible burial was discovered in the necropolis of Kyz-Aul. A double burial was found in the crypt, probably men and women, and perhaps mothers with a child. It’s difficult to establish, since in ancient times the tombstone shifted and crushed the skulls. And under this burial, there was still a crypt with a baby and elements of tryzna,” said Oleg Markov, development director of the Archeology Foundation, who is involved in illegal excavations.

Balsamarium was found in the crypt with the baby – a juglet in which incense and a plate with the remains of the bones of some animal were put.

In a double burial, a boar-shaped juglet with a handle was found, which could be used for wine or milk.

The discovered burials suggest that they belong to the Sarmatian culture, of the I-II centuries A.D.

“The elements of tryzna are traced in the burials. These are not Greek burials, since the ancient Greeks often didn’t put anything in the graves at all. This confirms the theory that these people lived in the Bosporus kingdom and spoke Greek, but retained their Sarmatian culture,” – Markov added.

Earlier it was reported that Russian archaeologists unearthed a unique tower in the Western Crimea on the territory of the Kulchuk settlement dating from the 4th-3rd centuries BC.

Note that conducting archaeological excavations in the occupied territory of Crimea is illegal. According to Yusuf Kurkchi, First Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories, Ukraine and Russia signed relevant international documents.

On May 30, the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine announced that it was initiating sanctions against scientific institutions that conduct illegal archaeological excavations in occupied Crimea. The sanctions list of the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine includes 28 scientific and museum institutions.