“He explained that he would not physically survive the transfer” - Lawyer about transferring Bekirov's case to Krasnoperekopsk

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Марина ПищулинаQHA media
24 July 2019, 13:25
Марина ПищулинаQHA media
24 July 2019, 13:25

"The judge of the Central District Court" of Simferopol, Aleksandr Voronoy, forwarded a criminal case of the Crimean Tatar activist Edem Bekirov to the "Krasnoperekopsk District Court" of the occupied Crimea, Krym.Realii reports.

The court order stated that the criminal case against Bekirov should be considered in Krasnoperekopsk, since it was the area where the FSB of Russia found a cache of ammunition and explosives, which the accused was accused of possessing.

Bekirov’s lawyer, Aleksey Ladin, filed an appeal against this order, because he believes that the jurisdiction in the criminal case is incorrectly determined.

Bekirov himself, in a conversation with the lawyer, stated that if the criminal case is considered in Krasnoperekopsk, he will refuse to leave the detention center cell.

He explained to me that he would not physically survive the transfer in the torture conditions of the prisoner transport, especially since there is no temporary detention center in Krasnoperekopsk, and the closest one is in Armyansk. And even if he will be kept in the temporary detention facility, the conditions there do not correspond to those he needs to survive. Understanding all the risks, Edem Bekirov explained that he would refuse to leave his cell for transportation to Krasnoperekopsk, since this trip is equivalent to death. He is ready to tie himself to his bed in protest, - Ladin said.

Эдем БекировСудья центрального районного суда Симферополя Александр Вороной направил уголовное дело в отношении моего...

Опубліковано Alexey Ladin Вівторок, 23 липня 2019 р.

June 22, lawyer of the Crimean Tatar activist said that Bekirov’s health condition had deteriorated again - he was experiencing severe back pain and wasn’t getting up from his bed due to a pinching of a nerve in the spine.

On July 17, Bekirov’s defense appealed to the Russian Ombudsperson with a request to assist in transferring their client from the Simferopol detention center to house arrest, as at a briefing in Kyiv Tatyana Moskalkova said she would also like such a change in the preventive measure for Bekirov.

Edem Bekirov was detained by Russian security forces at the entrance to the Crimea on the morning of December 12, 2018. He stated that he was going to the peninsula to visit a 78-year-old mother and relatives. The next day, the Kiev District Court of Simferopol imprisoned Bekirov. The FSB charges him, a first category disabled person, with the storage and transfer of explosives and ammunition. On June 6, the Kiev District Court extended the arrest to Bekirov until August 12.