16 August 2019, 15:12

"He called himself acting president of the Soviet Union and Emperor of the Russian Empire." Organization "Back to USSR" included in the list of extremists in Russia


The Russian Federation recognized the organization Back to USSR as extremist. This decision was made by the court of the Komi Republic.

The decision was reported by NTV.

In recent months, investigators have searched several community organizers. During one of the searches, the head of Back to USSR, Sergei Taraskin, stated that he was the interim president of the Soviet Union and the Emperor of the Russian Empire.

Taraskin also threatened security officials that he would bring them to the tribunal, and stated that the Russian Federation is an illegitimate state, which means that it is not necessary to comply with its laws.

Taraskin and his follower, Aleksandr Tyurnin, who introduced himself as the head of the Komi KGB, said that their community was the only structure that “ensures the safety of being on Earth.” And everything else is “dust in the eyes.”

On March 20, in Yalta and Alupka in the occupied Crimea, FSB officers raided at least six houses of local followers of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious organization.

On March 15, 2017, the Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Russia on the recognition of the religious organization Jehovah’s Witnesses Management Center in Russia as extremist, the prohibition of its activities and liquidation. The lawsuit was upheld on April 20, 2017. The organization was recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation.