Former Kyrgyz president accused of preparing for coup d'etat | QHA media
13 August 2019, 14:42

Former Kyrgyz president accused of preparing for coup d'etat


Almazbek Atambayev, the former president of Kyrgyzstan, detained on August 8, was plotting a coup in the republic.

The head of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of Kyrgyzstan Orozbek Opumbayev made a corresponding statement at today’s press conference in Bishkek, as cited by TASS.

Atambayev was planning a coup in the country, – he said.

Opumbayev further noted that the ex-president purposefully used women and children to defend during the operation to detain him in order to later disseminate information about injuring civilians as a factor for overthrowing the government

Opumbayev said that a special forces fighter who took part in the raid on Atambayev’s residence was shot dead from weapons found in the house of the former head of state.

“The fighter was shot from a weapon that was in Atambayev’s house. Later, a large number of different weapons were found in his house, including the SVD rifle. Atambayev admitted that he opened fire at my people six times during the detention,” he said.

According to Opumbayev, law enforcement officers had the right to use weapons against Atambayev’s supporters during his detention, since there was a threat to the lives of the officers.

He also emphasized that the fighters “did not do this so that not a single civilian suffered”.

Earlier, it was reported that on August 8, Kyrgyz special forces rammed a door into the residence of ex-president of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev and detained him. The security forces were unable to take the former president away on any of the roads, as his supporters blocked the car, so a decision was made to bring him to Bishkek by helicopter.

On August 7, the first attempt was made to arrest the ex-president, who is suspected of corruption and illegal land deals. However, Atambayev’s supporters came to his house, clashes began, as a result of which one officer was killed and others were taken hostage. In total, 52 people were injured that day.