Five hours in ice-cold water. Ukrainian ambassador told about the condition of the sailors who survived the crush off the coast of Turkey

08 January 2019, 13:29

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrii Sybiha, called the rescue of Ukrainian sailors who suffered a wreck off the coast of Turkey on January 7, 2019 a real miracle.

Sybiha noted that the condition of the sailors after five hours in the icy water is satisfactory, and their relatives and friends are in touch with them.

The ambassador published the names of the rescued sailors.

List of sailors who were placed in a hospital in the city of Samsun:
Stanislav Shevchuk
Pavlo Milnchenko
Oleg Gerashchenko
Yevheniy Ilchenko
Yevhen Yatsenko
Denis Skachko
Tetyana Budko

According to the Turkish edition of Milliyet, the governor of Samsun province, Osman Kaymak, said that the rescue operation involved helicopters from the coastal service, the Turkish Air Force, one aircraft, one search rescue boat and two boats.

According to him, apart from the Ukrainians, on board the wrecked vessel were two more crew members – citizens of Azerbaijan, in total 13 people.

Because of the waves at sea, the boats arrived late at the scene of the tragedy, rescued the sailors with the help of helicopters.

Turkish rescuers published footage of the operation.

One of the rescued sailors, Stanislav Shevchuk, told the Turkish TV channels that at eight in the morning, on January 7, the ship carrying coal from the Russian port of Azov to the Turkish port of Samsun sank due to a large wave, and the crew began evacuating from the ship.

Within five minutes, the ship sailing under the flag of Panama sank, and the sailors jumped into the sea, taking rescue equipment with them.

Reportedly, four citizens of Ukraine were killed in the shipwreck.

The Ukrainian Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons reported that the cargo ship could have carried coal from ORDLO.

Вантажне судно VOLGO-BALT 214 під прапором Панами, що сьогодні зазнало аварії та затонуло біля берегів Туреччини,…

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