12 February 2019, 12:09

First in 150 years, boatmen were expelled from the bay of occupied Sevastopol. Exiles saw the mercantile interest of the "governor" Ovsyannikov in the move


Boatmen were driven out of the Sevastopol Artillery Bay – the necessary agreement with the “Association of Small Boats Owners of the City of Sevastopol” was not extended, according to the information on the website of Primechaniya publication.

Boatmen were required to equip the sites of passengers departure and arrival with metal-frame detectors, introduce a security officer’s position on each boat and conclude an agreement with the rapid response services, which would rush to the rescue if an act of terrorism took place on the boat in the middle of the bay.

According to the publication, moorings for the skiffs in Artillery Bay were transferred to the institution “Parks and Squares”, which first of all designated them as “embankments”.

“Организация работы маломерных судов в полномочия ГБУ “Парки и скверы” не входит”

According to people who worked at the berths, which suddenly became “embankments”, such a linguistic metamorphosis is explained quite simply – various facilities are not allowed to be build at the berths, but it is quite possible at the embankments.

“For some reason, the establishment with the derogatory name Seavas, which is somehow associated with the family interests of the “governor” Dmitry Ovsyannikov, is mentioned in the first place,” Primechaniya noted.

The season of boating and boat trips in Sevastopol Artillery Bay was to start on April 1.

So far, everything looks like this spring boats will not sail on the water of a city bay for the first time in 150 years, the journalists conclude.

Earlier, the “vice-governor” of Sevastopol, Vladimir Bazarov, accused hospitals, schools and entrepreneurs involved in outdoor advertising in Sevastopol, for allegedly stealing electricity from the city’s street lamps.