Exit polls: Zelensky receiving more than 70% of votes

21 April 2019, 20:54

According to the results of the National exit poll as of 18.00, 73.2% of the polled Ukrainians voted for Vladimir Zelensky, and 25% for Petro Poroshenko.

The exit poll results were made public after the closure of polling stations in Ukraine.

The national exit poll was carried out by three sociological centers: “Democratic Initiatives”, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology KIIS and the Razumkov Center.

According to exit poll of TV channels 112 and NewsOne, Zelensky has 73.7% of the votes, Poroshenko – 26.3%.

Exit poll has a control function: A discrepancy between the exit poll and the CEC’s counting results of more than 4.5% may indicate electoral fraud, although it is not a direct evidence.

The Central Electoral Committee is to establish and announce the results of the re-voting on the presidential elections in Ukraine no later than the tenth day from the date of the voting.

The newly elected President of Ukraine takes office no later than 30 days after the official announcement of the election results.

Polling stations were open from 8:00 to 20:00 Sunday. Almost 30 million Ukrainians were added to the voter lists.

In the first round of the presidential elections in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky received 30.24%, or 5.7 million votes, and president Petro Poroshenko 15.95% or 3.1 million of votes.

In the first round of voting, the National exit poll contained the following figures: 30.6% of the votes for Vladimir Zelensky, and 17.8% for Petro Poroshenko.