15 March 2019, 14:34

European Union introduced personal sanctions against eight Russians because of aggression near Kerch Strait


The European Union imposed personal sanctions against eight Russian citizens in connection with the aggression against Ukrainian sailors off the coast of the Kerch Strait in November 2018, the Brussels-based journalist of Radio Liberty Rikard Jozwiak reported.

According to him, the Deputy Head of the border service of the Russian Federation Gennady Medvedev was not included on the list after a representative from one of the EU countries opposed such a decision.

In a commentary to QHA media, the journalist clarified that Finland was against such a decision.

Also, with today’s decision, the EU extended for six months the already existing personal sanctions against 162 individuals and 44 legal entities responsible for encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

According to the official journal of the EU, the sanctions list of eight people associated with aggression off the coast of the Crimea in November 2018 include the Commander of the Russian troops of the Southern Military District, Colonel-General Aleksandr Dvornikov, the “Head of the FSB Border Directorate for the Crimea and Sevastopol” Rear Admiral Sergei Stankevich and his deputy, Andrei Shein, “head of the Coast Guard Department of the Border Directorate of the FSB of the RF for the Crimea and Sevastopol”.

The list also includes the “head of service of the FSB control point for the Crimea and Sevastopol” Ruslan Romashkin, the “head of service of the FSB control point in Kerch” Aleksei Shatokhin, the Commander of the Suzdalets ship Sergei Shcherbakov, the Commander of the Don ship Aleksei Salayev and the Commander of the Izumrud ship Andrei Shipitsyn.

Earlier, on February 20 of this year, a preliminary decision to extend the freezing of assets and visa bans to 162 individuals and 44 legal entities was made. On March 6, 2019, the Ambassadors of the European Union countries agreed on sanctions against the eight Russian citizens responsible for the detention of Ukrainian seamen in November 2018.