Employees of TV and Radio Company "Crimea" celebrated anniversary with cake in the form of Trump's head. | QHA media

Employees of TV and Radio Company "Crimea" celebrated anniversary with cake in the form of Trump's head.

02 May 2019, 16:34

Employees of the TV and Radio Company “Crimea” celebrated the 60th anniversary of the company with eating a cake in the form of the head of the US President Donald Trump.

The platter was also decorated with an inscription “Thank you for the sanctions”, Kryminform reports.

Before cutting the cake, one of the employees declared that “eating” Trump was eating all the sanctions and the response to the fact that “they have been prevented from living, working and moving freely around the world for five years”.

While cutting the crowd shouted: “Hard one!”, “Trump does not give in, cut his head off!”, And then asked: “Who wants a piece of Trump?”, And some people demanded to give them “nose” or “ear”.

The “Head” of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov congratulated the “Crimean State Television” on anniversary, claiming that during the Russian annexation of the peninsula, the journalists of the Crimea TV and Radio Company “covered the events in the way they actually happened, helped to avoid provocations in the information field and defended the principles of justice. “

In turn, the “Member of the parliament” of Crimea Sergey Shuvainikov condemned the actions of the television and radio company employees in the comments under the relevant publication, saying the joke was dull and gave the occasion for ideological opponents to consider them underdeveloped. According to the “MP”, the initiators of such tricks must be punished and noted that it might be a provocation to undermine the Russian foreign policy.

The TV and Radio Company “Crimea” was established in 1959. After the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, the company was re-registered in accordance with Russian legislation and became one of the key propaganda resources of the local “authority” on the peninsula. Now it consists of the TV channel “Krym”, the radio station “Krym”, the news channel “Krym 24”, the wired radio “Krym.Tochka” and the youth radio station “More”.