"Emotions overwhelming." Edem Bekirov at the Borispol airport thanked everyone for assistance in his release

07 September 2019, 16:40

On September 7, Edem Bekirov, a Crimean Tatar activist who returned to Ukraine as part of an exchange with Russia, was met at the Boryspil airport by his daughter Eleanora.

In a comment to reporters, Bekirov thanked everyone for their help and participation.

Едем Бекіров вже на волі! Його зустрічає донька Элеонора Бекирова! Сльози щастя і радість за родини!

Опубліковано Elvina Seitbullaeva Субота, 7 вересня 2019 р.

“Selam Alaikum! Good day to all! Emotions overwhelming, I have no words. Thank you all very much for your participation and assistance in the release of all these people. May God grant health to you all!” Bekirov declared.

When asked about how was his flight, Edem Bekirov replied that it was fortunate.

QHA media published a full list of exchange between Ukraine and Russia (available in Russian).

September 7, Kremlin prisoners arrived in Ukraine.